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Wylde Spirit Camp 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have a venue at Stonehenge CampsiteBerwick Road, Winterbourne Stoke SP3 4TQ  in 2023. The Autumn Equinox Camp will begin on Friday 22nd of September (after 11am) and finish at 10am on Monday 25th of September…

The Witch Wavelength

It was a great honour to have my songs chosen to be part of this very interesting pod cast. Shop now
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Witchfest USA

From: New York City 11th Annual WitchsFest USA - A Pagan Faire July 14 - 17th 2022 for your edification... WORKSHOP SUNDAY: Inner God & Goddess Voice workshop You will be guided through songs of Mythology, Magick and the land.…

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Zoe Samantha

I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Marie in our coffee shop! It was such a pleasure! Very genuine person! I also have one of her CDs ‘Sacred Stones’ it’s amazing, the vocals are wonderful, very relaxing to listen to – great story telling through music! Hope to see you again!


Car Dia will be performing at the next Summer Solstice festival close to Stonehenge. A really nice festival there will be ritual and workshops

Pagan Tribal Gathering 23rd – 25th June playing Friday night 24th Manor Farm Upton Barn Main Road Nuneaton CV13 6JX Warwickshire

11th Annual WitchsFest USA – A Pagan Faire

More details…

Didge & World Music Camp 15th 16th 17th July playing Saturday Stonehenge Campsite Berwick St James, near Stonehenge

The Mercian Gathering 4th – 5th Sept Sunday afternoon Main tent concert

Essex Samhain Witches Market & Masque Ball afternoon performance 29th October 2022 Chelmsford Essex CMI IQH .

Susan Marie Paramor

Is a magical practitioner and a Druid she is a hereditary shaman and witch.
A high Priestess conducting ceremonies, hand fastings, Pagan funerals
and naming celebrations.

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Naomi Cornock

Naomi Cornock