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It was a great honour to have my songs chosen to be part of this very interesting pod cast. Shop now
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Witchfest USA

From: New York City 11th Annual WitchsFest USA - A Pagan Faire July 14 - 17th 2022 for your edification... WORKSHOP SUNDAY: Inner God & Goddess Voice workshop You will be guided through songs of Mythology, Magick and the land.…

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Zoe Samantha

I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Marie in our coffee shop! It was such a pleasure! Very genuine person! I also have one of her CDs ‘Sacred Stones’ it’s amazing, the vocals are wonderful, very relaxing to listen to – great story telling through music! Hope to see you again!


Car Dia will be performing at the next Summer Solstice festival close to Stonehenge. A really nice festival there will be ritual and workshops

Pagan Tribal Gathering 23rd – 25th June playing Friday night 24th Manor Farm Upton Barn Main Road Nuneaton CV13 6JX Warwickshire

11th Annual WitchsFest USA – A Pagan Faire

More details…

Didge & World Music Camp 15th 16th 17th July playing Saturday Stonehenge Campsite Berwick St James, near Stonehenge

The Mercian Gathering 4th – 5th Sept Sunday afternoon Main tent concert

Essex Samhain Witches Market & Masque Ball afternoon performance 29th October 2022 Chelmsford Essex CMI IQH .

Susan Marie Paramor

Is a magical practitioner and a Druid she is a hereditary shaman and witch.
A high Priestess conducting ceremonies, hand fastings, Pagan funerals
and naming celebrations.

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Naomi Cornock

Naomi Cornock